Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

The Mountain Miracle and Wally’s Journey To Bike 1250 Miles

July 2, 2014

What started as a family ski trip in December 2013 quickly turned into a life-threatening emergency for his Wally’s daughter. Now, Wally Posner and his family are determined to bring awareness to the little-known condition that nearly took his daughter’s life.

Read about Mountain Miracle and Wally’s journey to bike 1250 miles and raise $500,000 for research. Funds raised by the Mountain Miracle cross country bike ride will be donated by SCAD Research, Inc. to the Mayo Clinic where SCAD research is being directed by Dr. Sharonne Hayes. Find out how to support him and his journey here.

To learn more about Wally Posner’s Mountain Miracle Ride, go to www.themountainmiracle.com