Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

2012 National Walk

May 5, 2012

Our first annual 5K Walk for SCAD Research was a great success!  Almost 150 participants gathered on May 5, 2012 at Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve, Naperville, IL to raise money for research and to form bonds of friendship and support.

Twenty-five SCAD survivors and their families and friends joined together from across the United States and Canada, converging on Naperville, IL from California to New York to Winnipeg.   Also walking were families and friends of those who did not survive. Additional teams in the UK, Ohio, Colorado, and Canada held walks as a show of solidarity around the world. Pictures were taken to capture walk highlights.

In addition, some survivors, who could not attend, walked virtually in solidarity with those participating in the Naperville walk.

Walk sponsors were secured to help defray costs and raise additional money.  Walk organizers obtained food and raffle prizes from local Naperville merchants to add to the festivities.

Among the participants were members from the SCAD research team at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) including researchers Dr. Sharonne Hayes (lead researcher) and Dr. Marysia Tweet and her family.

After the walk, SCAD survivors gathered for their first reunion, which was organized by Cheryl Crisman, Deb McGarry and Meghan Scheiber, Chicagoland survivors.   Survivors attended a lunch to meet and hear Dr. Hayes and Dr. Tweet talk about the latest SCAD findings.  In the evening, survivors and their families enjoyed dinner together, listened to each other’s experiences and continued to gain support from each other.

Bob Alico, president and founder of SCAD Research, Inc. thanked everyone at the dinner and talked about the mission and future vision of SCAD Research.

As a result of money raised at the walk, $20,000.00 was donated to SCAD research at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN).