Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

The Mountain Miracle – One Family’s SCAD Story

May 14, 2014

mountain_miracle_TThis past December, Wally Posner and his family were skiing when Danielle, his healthy, 20 year old daughter suffered a spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) on a mountaintop in Colorado.

After the ski patrol’s heroic efforts, an ambulance ride to Vail and a medevac ride to Aurora, CO, Danielle’s life was saved. As Wally learned about SCAD and the importance of research, he decided to take action and raise money for research at Mayo Clinic.

Being an avid bicyclist, Wally is planning to complete a 1250 mile cycling trek – called the Mountain Miracle – from Chicago, IL to Beaver Creek, CO, where Danielle suffered her SCAD. Riding 90-110 miles per day, his journey will begin on July 26 and finish about August 9. He hopes to meet other bicyclists, SCAD survivors and supporters along the way.

Wally’s goal is to raise $500,000 for research! All donations will be made to SCAD Research, Inc. Funds raised by the Mountain Miracle cross country bike ride will be donated by SCAD Research, Inc. to the Mayo Clinic where SCAD research is being directed by Dr. Sharonne Hayes.

If you are interested in helping Wally with such things as logistics, publicity or riding with him for part or his entire journey, contact him at Jusmy50@me.com or through scadinformation@scadresearch.org

You can also help provide encouragement for Wally and spread the word by ordering and wearing the Mountain Miracle t-shirt. The deadline to order t-shirts is July 15.