Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

2016 Aussie 5km SCADaddles

Sydney SCADaddleThe first Annual 5km SCADaddle for Research fun run/ walks took place in four States across Australia.

More than 250 people attended raising over $9,800 AUD ( $7000 USD) for SCAD Research!

What started out as an inquiry from an Aussie survivor about organizing a 5km in Sydney to raise money for research grew into four 5km events on 3rd April.

Thank you to Sarah Ford and her team for organizing the first Aussie SCADaddles for Research:

  • Sarah Ford (Sydney)
  • Marianne Punshon (Melbourne)
  • Kahryn Parcheta (Noosa)
  • Jillian Cole (Hobart, Tasmania)

In addition to raising funds for SCAD Research and raising awareness of SCAD in Australia, we kept up with the SCADaddle tradition of having SCAD Survivor reunions at each location. With several survivors walking in each State, it was a great opportunity to catch up via lunch, picnics & great conversations following each 5km.

Click on the pictures below to see some of the highlights of the first ever Aussie SCADaddles on 3rd April – and the start of a great new tradition!