Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Live Stream Mayo Clinic on May 13

May 10, 2022

Don’t miss out, join us May 13 on Facebook to hear Drs. Hayes & Best from Mayo Clinic SCAD Research Program present the latest SCAD research findings. Their presentation will start 6:30/7pm (CDT). To watch the presentation, you’ll need to:

  • Like SCAD Research Inc Facebook page as the stream will be coming from our page
  • Log into FB at 6:30pm (CDT), you’ll see the presentation when it goes live.
    • Note: The dinner organizer anticipates Drs. Hayes/Best presentation to begin between 6:30-7pm (CDT)

Drs. Hayes & Best will answer in-person & online questions as time permits.

We are honored to have Dr. Hayes and Dr. Best join us. Mayo Clinic was the first group to focus research specifically on SCAD. SCAD Research Inc has donated almost $1.2 million to research since we started in 2011. Most of our funds has supported the groundbreaking research at Mayo Clinic.

Drs. Hayes & Best from Mayo