Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

2018 5K SCADaddle for Research Dates

October 31, 2017

Mark your calendar for these SCADaddles planned so far in 2018. You’ll have lots of fun while raising money for a great cause! Watch for additional details in 2018:

2018 USA

Event Date Location Other Activities
1st annual Southwest FL 5K – Mid April Sarasota, FL
7th annual National (IL) 5K – June 2* Wheaton, IL Note: We have moved the date to June for better weather.
3rd annual Lehigh Valley (PA) 5K – June 9 (tentative) Bethlehem, PA Date will be confirmed in January
4th annual West Coast (CA) 5K – Sept. 8* Carlsbad, CA TBD
2018 Virtual 5K Everywhere

There are special events planned on Friday/Saturday evenings for survivors, SCAD Angels families (those whose loved ones didn’t survivor) and supporters.

*Dr. Sharonne Hayes who leads the Mayo Clinic SCAD Research Program team and chairs our Scientific Advisory Committee will present Mayo Clinic’s latest research findings in IL and CA.