Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Virtual SCADaddle & Mayo SCAD@Home a Success!!

November 10, 2020

.Virtual SCADaddle  Mayo SCAD@Home
As you can imagine, it took many, many volunteer hands to organize and implement a successful Virtual SCADaddle weekend!

Technical Support

We could not have accomplished the depth and breadth of the Virtual SCADaddle weekend without the help of two key people, who volunteered their technical expertise:

  • Amanda Frisbee, a SCAD survivor, who used her Zoom skills
  • Nick D’Orazio, who lost his wife to SCAD, who shared his video and interviewing skills

Planning and Implementation

Thank you to so many others who worked to make the weekend possible including:

  • Carol Zich, 5K Coordinator
  • Jan Saillard, Board Member
    • Carol and Jan spent countless hours working together on all facets of the weekend
  • Ellen Robin, West Coast SCADaddle Chair, who helped to coordinate the t-shirts
  • Jill McComsey, Board member and Lehigh Valley SCADaddle Chair, who worked on many aspects of the weekend
  • Karen Glugla, Michigan SCADaddle Chair, who secured many sponsors and several quilts
  • All social hosts/moderators including Kelley Hoolihan, Minnesota SCADaddle Chair, Sarah Trulley & Sonia Perez-Morales, National Co-Chairs and LeeAnn Freeze, North Carolina Chair
  • Sam Halbers of Wild Wallets for printing and shipping the t-shirts
  • Dan Castillo of Castillo Creative for designing our wonderful Virtual SCADaddle logo
  • Jim Farrell, SCAD survivor, for preparing the SCAD signature cocktails

We apologize if we missed anyone.

Mayo Clinic SCAD Researchers

We are always grateful to the Mayo Clinic SCAD Researchers, who work so diligently to find answers about SCAD and to the staff who support them. A special thank you to Drs. Sharonne Hayes, Marysia Tweet, Rajiv Gulati and Patricia Best who shared their research findings and answered numerous questions on Oct. 17. Click here to watch their presentation.