Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

SCAD Research, Inc Donates $100,000 to Mayo Clinic

October 10, 2014

The Board of Directors approved an $100,000 donation to Mayo Clinic’s SCAD research program under the leadership of Dr. Sharonne Hayes! This tremendous accomplishment was only possible because of the united effort by those who have been impacted in some way by SCAD.

This year in addition to SCAD Research, Inc. successful national 5K SCADaddle for Research event, two families impacted by SCAD organized fundraisers.

  • Survivor Heidi Henson and her husband Nat organized a fundraising dinner at a casino in Indiana
  • Wally Posner, whose daughter (age 20) suffered a SCAD while snowboarding on a family vacation in Colorado, organized a cross country bike ride from Highland Park, IL to Beaver Creek, CO.

General donations were also received through SCAD Research, Inc. website.

When you consider SCAD Research, Inc. started July, 2011 and is made up entirely of volunteers, this accomplishment is even more amazing.

The Henson’s will be delivering a large symbolic $100,000 check at a small reception for them in Rochester, MN in late October. The actual check has been sent to Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN).

Thank you for everything you do to promote awareness and raise funds for research. Together we can achieve even greater success in 2015! If you would like to organize a fundraising event, please e-mail scadinformation@scadresearch.org.