Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

SCAD Heart Attack Awareness Week

February 15, 2022

Feb. 20-26, 2022

SCAD Heart Attack Awareness Week is the 3rd full week in February. This year mark your calendar for February 20-26, 2022 and watch our Facebook page for additional information.

While anytime is the right time to raise awareness about SCAD, February 20-26 Heart Attack Awareness Week is a great week to make the extra effort to tell your story to local radio and TV station and any news outlet. Many newspapers offer their news online as well. Often you can write and submit your story online. People have also shared their story at work or organizations. Others have visited their local firestations and have posted information throughout their community or online.

We have SCAD Awareness Brochures available on our webite. If you would like hard copies of our general SCAD Awareness Brochures and/or the Medical Professional Awareness brochure, please contact us through our website or email scadinfo@scadresearch.org with your address, which brochures you are intereted in and how many.

Survivor Diane Berger designed this year’s wonderful SCAD Heart Attack Awareness Week graphics. She also took the extra step to create a profile picture since Facebook currently limits frames to organizations that are part of FB information centers – COVID, Voting and Climate Science. Diane also creates the beautiful, handmade cards in Cards w/Cause with information about SCAD on the back. These cards are a perfect way to raise awareness. Diane donates 100% of the profit to SCAD Research, Inc. Thank you Diane for sharing your talents with us!

SCAD Week 2022 Profile
SCAD Week 2022 Profile