Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Dr. Patricia Best, Mayo Clinic, SCAD Presentation

September 26, 2023

Dr. Best - West Coast SCAD Presentation

Dr. Patricia Best presented the latest findings from the Mayo Clinic SCAD Research Program, Rochester, MN at the West Coast Reunion on Sept. 8 in San Diego. After her presentation, she answered numerous questions from both the in-person and virtual audiences. The presentation with Q&A was live streamed and is available on our YouTube channel.

The slides during the live stream were blurry and have been replaced in the recording. We appreciate Dr. Best, an interventional cardiologist and SCAD researcher, for sharing her time and talents with us.

Thank you Nick D’Orazio for streaming her presentation and replacing the slides.

SCAD Research has raised and donated more than $1.3 million to research. SCADaddles are our major fundraisers. Individual, foundation, and corporate matching gifts also significantly impact the total amount of funds we have available to donate to research. Most of our funds have been donated to the Mayo Clinic SCAD Research Program.