Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Video of Ceremonial Check Presentation

April 30, 2020

Thank you to everyone who helped raise funds for research in 2019. We hope you will take a few minutes to watch our January 30th ceremonial check presentation of our $150,000 to Mayo Clinic SCAD Research Team on your behalf.

Representing all of you were two SCAD Angel families who shared their stories: Susan Edelman & Kayla Karan, who lost their daughter/sister to SCAD and Jan & Rick Saillard, who lost their sister/sister-in-law to SCAD.

Our donation was accepted by members of the Mayo Clinic SCAD Research team (pictured below), who expressed their gratitude: Dr. Timothy Olson, Dr. Marysia Tweet, Dr. Patricia Best, Dr. Sharonne Hayes, Dr. Patricia Pellikka and Toni Sauber.
Mayo Clinic ceremonial check presentation