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Arizona State University (ASU) Business Plan Presented

February 24, 2013

As a participant in Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business “Student Teams for Entrepreneurship Projects” (STEP) program, SCAD Research has developed a plan to move the nonprofit to increased efficiency and fundraising.

Bob Alico, president of SCAD Research, worked with Sun Devil Consulting Group, a team of students. In partnership, the group assessed the needs, strengths, weaknesses, and goals of SCAD Research and developed recommendations. The full plan was presented to the board of SCAD Research in December 2012.

Key among the recommendations is contracting with an experienced grant writer. SCAD Research has sought advice from the American Grant Writers’ Association (AGWA) and posted a job notice for qualified candidates. Several applications have been received and are being evaluated. In addition, SCAD Research is working to partner with college and universities as a source to find qualified interns to help with marketing and awareness programs.

Another important recommendation is strengthening our relationships with SCAD Research volunteers and growing our base. Our newly revised website is a big step in facilitating these goals. With enhanced features and social media tools, SCAD Research can extend its reach and better communicate with volunteers through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. As a result, we can benefit from crowdsourcing our initiatives and efforts to an even wider audience.

SCAD Research values our volunteers and supporters, and welcomes ways to partner with one another. At the 5K Walk/Fun Run for SCAD Research in May, small group meetings will be held during the conference session to solicit input and create avenues for others to get involved. Plus, at any time, individuals can contact SCAD Research with ideas or volunteer to get involved.