Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection


July 18, 2022

Well this re-sently happened on july15. I was working on a cleaning crew for a janitorial service company. Around 6:00pm I had a short chest pain, then it went to my arm and after that I had back pain, but my arm felt numb. I thought it was indigestion. I was right by the hospital so my co workers dropped me off and I had a feeling that I was having a heart attack. It took a bit but they admitted me . They monitored me for a bit and said that I had to stay, they had call London, Ontario hospital and had an appointment for me the next day. Therefore I chose to go and as they were doing the camera up the arm to see the problem and find the blockage, they came across something an artery that was torn. They tried very hard to fix it but they also wanted to go through my left arm. But with the procedure I was already in pain and black spot’s for vision. So they stopped. That’s the day I found out I had SCAD.