Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Well ain’t that a xxxxx…

December 28, 2015

OK so my story begins with Ehlers Danlos diagnosis at 18 after 3 knee surgeries. 20 years later I find I need my pelvis broken to bits and rebuilt. (PAO) After that I had 4 revision. All within the last two years I had those surgeries, got a lupus, Sjogrens and gastroparesis diagnosis. And Feb 14 2014 my first scad then Nov 18 2015 my second scad. My left main artery is the one being an ass. But in my 40 years I’ve seen a lot of hospitals. Hoping that will slow down some day..I grow bored of my issues:)

My Dr’s are always unsure of how to treat me so they are extra careful. My first one I waited 5 days to go to the hospital because the day it started was Valentines Day and my daughters birthday. I could tell what was happening but I was afraid I couldn’t help it so I tried to ignore it and not ruin her day. I didn’t want to spend what days I had left in a hospital and ruin that time for her. I only went when my feet, face and hands started to swell. Er didn’t get me in for 4 hours. Finally had an ekg and it was ok. But my triponin level was 5.33.

This time I didn’t wait. Again I was sent via Ambulance to a bigger hospital. This time I had stents placed. Kissing ones I think they are called. Tell ya what I’d like to tell scad to kiss something but not my arteriea:) I’m 6ish weeks post second scad now and it’s slow going.