Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

This can’t be happening to me… 40 and healthy!

August 1, 2016

Eighteen years later… 40 years old, two kids, happy, healthy with no health risks… career mom, wife, active lifestyle with zest for life. ~SCAD February 1, 1999~

It was a normal Saturday… son had a basketball tournament and when my husband, our two boys and I departed to run errands until I started feeling that something was wrong. It was a cold rainy day in February and I had become very restless in the backseat. I was warm so I took off my top layer and rolled the window down to get some of that brisk air on my face. I didn’t feel right… warm, somewhat dizzy, a bit sleepy, hard time focusing then my left arm started tingling and that’s when my husband insisted that we go to the emergency room where I soon found out that I was in the middle of a heart attack. I’ll never forget those shocking words. It was hard to believe that was what was happening to me. They transferred me to a heart hospital for angioplasty. I had a another mild heart attack on the table as they were putting in (3) stints in my right coronary artery that lead to a inferior infarct. Another unusual thing happened to me. As they were removing the stink in my groin later that day… I flat lined. I came to surrounded by nurses with panic looks on their faces. I was off work (3) weeks doing physically therapy and healing. I soon got my life back to normal and have been fine since then but I’m most interested in learning more about SCAD and it’s long term affects.