Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

SCAD @ 29 and Postpartum

August 25, 2019

Hi there, I am 29 years old and about 8 weeks post SCAD’s. I was 10 days postpartum with my third son when I woke up to crushing chest pain, numb left arm and excessive sweating. My husband is a physician and rushed us to the ER, I was in the cath lab within minutes of arrival, my troponin level was maxed out at 26,000. I had a dissection in my LAD but they decided not to stent because the risk of it tearing more. I was put on metoprolol, aspirin, lisinopril and was sent home after a few days in the CICU.

I was home with my babies for 24 hours and suddenly had the crushing chest pain again. We called an ambulance and was given nitro, and pain meds-the doctors didn’t want to go in the cath lab so soon for fear of worsening it, so we waited to see if it got better. It worsened, I went to a CT scan and they found a 99% blockage in my LAD. There was no choice, we had to go back in and pray for the stent to work but were prepared for an emergency bypass surgery, the OR was prepped and ready. I remember praying over and over again as I was freezing on the metal table, waiting to hear what they saw when they went in with the cath.

Guys, it was a miracle. The room was filled with surgeons and cardiologists watching, and they were amazed. It was a very difficult case. I immediately felt relief and we went home 4 days later, with Brilinta added to my medicine list. I occasionally have chest discomfort, but have been gaining my confidence and am feeling so much better. We have been advised for no more children, and are going to Vanderbilt to see SCAD specialist Dr. Kim in October since our cardiologist here only see a couple cases of this per year.

Many blessings to you all going through this SCAD journey-I know for me, my perspective on life has changed drastically. I truly appreciate all the moments good and bad, and let the bad roll off my shoulders much easier.