Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Life will not be the same

November 20, 2015

I do not fit in any of the categories for SCAD. I am a 52 year old Menopausal woman who had not just one SCAD event but two. According to my Cardiologist I was suppose to die and all I can say is Praise Jesus I am still here to share my story.

I was just going about my normal morning routine of house cleaning when I bent down to pick up my window cleaner. I felt a strange wave come over me and then it hit me, I started to sweat, shortness of breath and a crushing pain across my whole chest. I did call out to The Lord to help me and that he did, then I called my husband and 911.

Once in emergency I was told I was having a Heart Attack and off they whisked me to the Cath Lab and ended up with two stents to start. While trying to recover in the hospital on the second day I had another SCAD and off to Cath Lab again for two more stents. My Cardiologist was very frustrated and stumped because he had never seen this before and he stayed up most of the night after my second episode to do online research.

I am very frustrated and sad that my life has changed but I am doing my best to adjust. I just want someone to figure this out why SCAD happens to obviously a wide range of people. The other frustration is my doctor was quick to want to put me on Anti Depressants to deal with what happened but that is not the best answer at least not for me. I think that SCAD survivors just want some honest and caring answers on what causes this to happen.
Thank you for sharing my story.