Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Ironman World championships

August 14, 2014

Hi there,

My brother would be considered to be an elite athlete. He competed in the melbourne ironman and place 2nd in the amateurs section. As a result he qualified for world championships in kona. He was hoping to come top 10 or better. His training was intense but his times and fitness prior to the race was great.

He completed the swim leg (5km) and felt fine. He then commenced the bike and around 30kms on the bike he vomited and generally felt lethargic. Approx 70kms on the bike he began to cramp. He did not feel well at all. He persisted and finished the bike (180km) and then commenced the marathon. Thr run was always going to be his strongest but he just struggled. He finished the race but he continued to deteriorate. He complained of feeling pain in his chest but thought it was indigestion. I was here in Australia and knew in my heart and sole that something was not right. He discharged himself from the medical tent. He was confused and disorientated. The following days were tough. He was not recovering the way he should have been. He came home and decided to go get assesses. Three weeks post race he requested ECG and it came back abnormal. Bloods were done and troponin was still elevated.

He was eventually diagnosed as suffering a SCAD and there is damage to the left ventricle. Hawaii was to be his last but he is now wanting to do it again as he sees it as unfinished. Now today he is complaining of pain underneath his breast. Last about 30secs. For his family it is a constant worry and stress. There does not seem to be much known about the risk of it recurring.