Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

I thought my heart attack was heart burn

July 25, 2022

So as with many other survivors it’s all a bit surreal and at 44 years old and fiit and healty would have never expected to have a heart attack .
I have suffered with anxiety for many years and have had chest pain a little more in the last year but my gp as always puts everything down to anxiey.
I think it may have started a Sunday morning i was walking into work to start my 12 hour shift I felt more tired than usual and had burning in my chest of which I thought was acid reflux, so I drank loads of milk and had gaviscon. (As I suffer with acid reflux anyway)it seemed to ease it and although I felt tired I did my shift .

The next day Monday I went to the coast as the weather was nice. I felt fine and relaxed all day and returned home about 6pm I started to get the burning in my chest same as the day before I took gaviscon and thought that would be it.but it wasnt the pain got worse and felt like someone sat on my chest and pain down my left arm. I told my Husband I need to go to a and e something wasn’t right I told him not to call an ambulance be quicker if we drive. I was shaky my left arm went numb and felt the pain getting worse .I refused my husband to get me a chair and I walked into to a and e .I told them how I felt and think for some reason I am having a heart attack. They looked strange qt me as I am not someone who typically look like i would have a heart attack. They did my blood pressure it was 210/111 I have never had high blood pressure and my husband told them this wasn’t normal .they triage response was she stressed I was too weat to argue my case I was left to sit in the waiting room .my husband told them 3 times i wasn’t right qnd I have high pain tolerance but the didnr listen. I was called in for bloods and ecg they were quite rude as I took my time to walk in as was in so much pain I had vomited qnd was shaking and sweaty .i was told to sit in the waiting room. The nurse to my ecg to the other triage nurse as slow as possible I think after an 1hr 20 2 doctors rushed out put me on a trolley and rushed me into to resus .they had now realised how ill I was as mu ecg showed dramatic changes and trauma.
My blood (troponin) came back high also indicating q heart attack. I was given asprin I think and put on q normal ward not cardiac i was sat rocking in pain on the floor foe 3 hours till finally u went I went q cardiac ward I was given pain killer .medication to dilate my bloods vessel and given treatment. I was given ech .mri and angio to that detected to dissection of my coronary artery which lead the heart attack
I was given .blood pressure tablets .blood thinners alsorts of tablets the pain subsided I went sent home the Wednesday.

I literally slept for 2 days walking to the bathroom exhausted me .the Saturday my wrist where the angio catheter site was balloned was like the size of an orange I am blood thinners so didn’t think it would stop. And I had some chest pain they wasn’t concerned with my wrist but blood lever (troponin)were 4ooo very high normal that its goes but they wanted tonkeep me .its now Monday again I am still in hospital and had an echo today to check am waiting for the result. I have had chestn pain again amd worry ever pain is another .

I have researches loads on scad and have referees myself to lots of cardiac rehab s .qnd forum its scares me and life will never be the same am getting my adult children checked out and literally made everyone aware of scad even though I am on a cardiac ward the nurses not one them have heard of scad .so here is the start of my journey and lots of changes to come .

sorry abour any spelling mistakes on 3 days with no sleep I darent sleep I case it happens again