Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

I thought I had a healthy heart

December 5, 2012

Wow, I am so encouraged by this wbtisee!I am 55 yrs old. On Sept. 9, 2011 I had a weird back/and chest pain. After an angiogram I was diagnosed with SCAD, my RCA had a dissection in the smaller vessel so couldn’t be stinted.Upon getting ready for work one morning, I developed back/chest pain’ that lasted 40 min. It radiated from my upper back to my upper sternum. Being diagnosed with SCAD leaves me feeling alone’ as little is known about SCAD and most Dr’s have never heard of it. My Cardiologist has me on 81 mg aspirin and 75 mg Plavix, and wants another angiogram in 6 mos. He advised no lifting nor exercise for several months. Bummer! ( this has been hard and depressing). I am an avid walker/hiker, don’t smoke nor drink and my angiogram showed a healthy heart, I don’t have high BP, eat healthy (for the most part!) and am not overweight 5’4 110 pounds.’This is so disappointing and all my friends say and you’re so healthy!’ I feel like a walking time bomb’ as no one knows what can prevent this. Therefore I am very interested in this study.I have concerns over having another angio. Do yo think this is necessary? I would like to have a less invasive test. My Dr. still wants to go ahead and sched. one for Feb.I want to mention that in 2010 I had a routine vag. hysterectomy w/ A&P repair, of which I had 3 spontaneous hemorrhages from each site in the 4th ,5th and 6th week post op. I saw many Doctors and ended up in Loma Linda Med Ctr. in CA. This was extremely frightening and almost died of blood loss. The specialists told me I was very rare’, strange and unheard of’. My vessels from each incision had to be cauterized wondering if there is any relationship in regards to my vessel tenacity/turgor along with fluctuating hormones. The Drs were so puzzled and still are. I am continually haunted, emotionally over this. Now I am again told, with SCAD, that this is very rare’ ..I am looking forward to what will be learned in this study, and hope I can be of some use!Thank youElaine