Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Here we go again

April 29, 2020

Hello, I am a new member and wanted to share my story, as I have just had my second SCAD event. The first was three years ago and looked much different than the one I just had.. The first was very mild, with minor chest pain, but when it started down my arm I went to the hospital and by angiogram they confirmed a SCAD. The second one which I just experienced, I knew right away was a heart attack with severe chest pain and sweating.

I am a bit of an anomaly in that I am 70 years old and, as I’m sure you know, this disease is usually reserved for younger women. I am very active as many of us are who live in Southern California. Prior to this last event, I was hiking and swimming and working out at the gym on a regular basis. Exercise has Always been a part of my life. I consider myself to be otherwise quite healthy. I really thought I was out of the woods after this first event, nevertheless I’ve been taking the prescribed medication faithfully—All the usual meds they prescribe for the classic heart attack patient. I do not have arteriolosclerosis by the way and even though I objected to the meds, they insisted this was my best course of action to stave off another heart attack or stroke.

In my research it appears that systemic vascular abnormalities are a common denominator. Such as, migraines and fibromuscular dysplasia. I have had migraines off & on for most of my life. A study out of Kaiser recommends extra coronary screening for us including imaging from brain to pelvis, to determine if there are any other suspicious arteries. I intend to pursue this with my cardiologist. Another study out of Oxford suggests that the patient’s own stem cells can be implanted in the heart rather than undergoing heart transplant.

I feel horrible for any of you suffering with the uncertainty of this disease, but as they say knowledge is power. I will look forward to reading about other studies & treatment options you’ve discovered. Stay strong. Blessings