Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Glad to Find Others

October 2, 2012

I am so glad I have finally found others!! Here is my story: on May 4,2009 i was pregnant and due that Thursday for my c section. This is my third child, always having c section because first child was prolapse cord so the dr cut me vertically. I felt as if I was in labor however I have no idea what that feels like… Abdominal craps pretty severe, vomiting, diarrhea and felt like couldn’t catch my breath. My husband called 911, they took me to hospital and did X-rays checking for embolisms and there were none. I also was not in labor… Next thing I know I am taken across the parking lot to The Indiana Heart Hospital for a little procedure. At this point I had no idea I had heart attack much less they were taking me to cath lab. I learned all of the following after the fact…. Upon entering my aorta to go down right coronary artery, it presented with a small dissection. So at that point they called my ob dr to come and preform c section stat. The cardiologist said my arteries were the consistency of wet paper towels. My pregnancy was completely normal except I had thrombocytopenia, very low platelets. My hematologist had been monitoring it since I knew we were going to have a c section. So needless to say after I woke up was very confused. I didn’t know where my baby boy was, turns out he was back at other hospital in NICU since no one could care for him. They even set up a web cam in my room so I could see and talk to him. I did not have any surgeries, stents or anything. The dissection in the aorta was minimal and has healed. I must say the past three years have been hard yet promising. I went back to work after 9 months did all the cardia rehab and so forth. Still to this day I have no real answer except for possible “hormones” that caused this. I haven’t had any other issues since then but as u know the fear is always there. I did have a stress echo in December 2011 and the dr said if he didn’t know my history, he could never tell anything was ever wrong with my heart.! So very curious about the research that is being done for SCAD and especially long term. I am currently only on 2 meds coreg and cholesterol med very low dose because once u have a heart attack this seems to be recommended course of action. Would like any comments or thoughts.

Thanks for listening to my story!!!!