Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection


May 31, 2019

14th may 2019 went to work as normal but just didn’t feel ok.
I have lbbb had it for 20 years angina and Feb 2018 in kicked Afib oh fun.
So when in May I was told about a scad I was confused.
Seems I’ve added it to the list.
Blessed though I am it’s a small tare and Ipswich hospital were great from
Admission to angiogram to after care.
Change of meds lots of advice and I’ve joined scad survivors group.
The stories I’ve read on the site makes me feel blessed.
I know I have to re think things now I’m 62 so listening to all the other
Young women who have young children I can rest up.
Just want to say thanks for all then info.