Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

67 year old healthy female in shock with diagnosis

January 31, 2020

January 6th of this year, I was out walking with friends and complaining of being overly hot and out of breath. During the prior week I had had intermitent sharp pain in my left underarm region, some indigestion, I vomited once, and felt at times sweaty and chilled. I had also gone through some significant emotional holiday stress. My friends insisted that I go to the ER and they probably saved my life. I spent three days there, with the usual tests, and the angiogram confirmed the SCAD diagnosis.

My cardiologist has placed me on Toprol XL, Plavix and a baby aspirin. She said to rest for the month and then begin cardio rehab. I describe this month of rest as a triangle of Anxiety, Heart, and Meds. I don’t know which is influencing the others. I have anxiety about the care I am receiving and whether there is hope for a good long-term outcome. I have great concern for my heart. And I wonder if the medication, which makes me fatigued, dizzy, bruised, and confused is helping or adding to my anxiety! Some days I feel pretty good, but as yet, I am not driving. Cardio rehab begins in a week. I hope I will be ready for it.

Best wishes to all of you and you learn more and find good care. God bless you!