Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

42 years old

April 16, 2019

happened when I was traveling, about 3 days ahead of the flight I felt pressure on my chest about couples hours a days, when I get into the plane during the flight for 5 hours I feel heavy and pressure on my chest the whole time, beside pressure on chest my heart rate and other any heart attack symptoms, then I think I could be sometime minor, so once I get off from plane I when to the conveniences store for Aspirin (just for incase it was a heart attack, and it is no hurt to take aspirin just for one) , after I take 2 pills, in 10 minutes my chest pain gone, and I went to local doctor to check but nothing has found (because doctor didn’t done any EKG ), then after about one month later I went to see my family doctor and my doctor found out I had a abnormal EKG, the I stay at the hospital for 4 days, final check with angioplasty, and luckily I don’t need a stent, the arteries wall will heal itself, now I am on medication for one year.

this SCAD happened to people with I don’t have any health condition, (normal blood pressure, no cholesterol) I exercises 7 days a week, running 40 minutes daily and 3 classes of hot yoga a week, I consider myself pretty healthy and active.
I started to return back to my routine exercise 5 wks after the angioplasty, one thing I learn is life is unpredictable, just live my life without regret.