Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Young 28 year old

July 9, 2017

My story is on 05/05/2017 about 8:00 am I was walking with my two small dogs when I got intense pain in my chest, after 30 minutes at home I phoned for the paramedic and was taken to a local hospital who diagnosed a heart attack. I was then rushed to a special heart and chest hospital where I underwent an angiogram and had a baloon inserted to support my heart. By roughly 12:30 I was being taken to the operating theatre for a double by pass that turned into a triple by pass when they seen inside. At 28 years old this was completely shocking and surprising as I was fit and healthy. I worry that it will happen in the future again but I try not to let it rule my life and enjoy the things I use to. I am still recovering but believe my age has played a massive part in my quick recovery process.