Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

We Will Have the Answers Soon

August 9, 2012

My name is Michelle Chambers two weeks after my third son was born I had a heart attack, quick action saved my life at first I though I had a gas bubble in my chest but the pain got so bad I had a hard time breathing,felt like someone was ripping out my jaw arms went limp and got very hot!that day I was alone with the baby so I called my mom and then called 911 was rushed to the hospital there is where my husband was in formed I would have to have open heart surgery cause of a coronary artery dissection ,Double bypass! It has been very devastating and no one knows much about this or what caused it! My dissection was on September 7th 2010 is coming up on two years I still dont deal the same in addition I had no heart problems before or heart history! Hopefully one day women like me will have answers and families who have lost loved ones to this rare condition will have the answers we are longing for!