Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Two years down the track

October 26, 2015

I was a fit 63 years old, none of the usual risk factors of heart disease when I had a severe heart attack while working out at the gym. I was diagnosed as having SCAD several days later after an angiogram, two tears in a coronary artery had canalised and left me with four dissections. I was put onto blood thinners, Asprin, and monitored for several months. I am two years down the track and feel great! There are days when I have chest pressure and slight pain but I am never sure if it anxiety or a symptom of SCAD. There are few day go by when I don’t think about that day, it was an enormous shock to me. As a post script this event was only one heart event in my life! I had a synus node ablation at 45, I had coronary heart failure at 50 after a virus caused myocarditis. My cardiologist tried very hard to link all three events but could find no definite link. Just one of those things!
I travel often with my husband and friends, go to the gym, walk distances and enjoy life. Just another chapter I guess!
October 2015