Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Sub back on?.. I’m completely zonked

September 14, 2016

41, reasonably healthy and happy. Tuesday morning basketball scrimmage with work colleagues as normal… 10mins in, I felt completely drained and my chest was tight. After 15min on the bench and having waved off 3 attempts by my team mates to sub back on I finally did… about 5mins later I was really tired. Showered and off to work feeling totally drained and my chest pretty tight and heavy

At work I sat in my car park for about 15mins trying to get myself going, eventually fed-up I tried to walk into the office but after a couple of steps decided to sit back in my car. I eventually drove myself home and tried to make an appointment to see my GP, he couldn’t see me till the next day so on the couch I stayed for the rest of the day and pretty much slept it off. By that evening I felt normal.

GP checked me the next morning, ECG fine, Blood pressure fine, sent me on my way with instructions to stop into LAB for blood test. By lunch time I’d received a call ordering me into hospital because of a suspected heart attack…shock is an understatement

3 days and several tests later I’d been diagnosed with a minor SCAD event, put on Metoprolol, Atorvastatin and aspirin and sent on my way. It’s now about 7 weeks later and after a follow up appointment I’ve been cleared of any damage or ongoing affects, no further diagnosis of other ailments found after an MRI scan also. Most importantly I was told I can stop taking the Metoprolol.

Generally speaking I think I’m a positive person, but like so many others will attest your body confidence is impacted by such an event and the side effects from the medications don’t help at all. I myself have had constant headaches and dizzy spells since starting them and I’ve been told it is most likely caused by the Metoprolol
I stopped taking them 2 days ago… I’m not sure if you should come off this “cold turkey” as I was just told I could stop. The impact I’ve noted has been more energy but also a feeling of more “pressure” generally. I’m hoping this is my body adjusting but plan on checking in with my GP in any case.

I’m not certain I’m out of the woods yet, I don’t suppose we ever are, but I’m SO grateful for all the advice and expertise afforded to me by the medical professionals and the communities like this site offering experiences and knowledge to help me understand what’s happened

I’m grateful for the continued time I get to be with my Family in particular, they are my world.