Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Stubborn For The Work Of The Lord

December 17, 2017

I am 50 female. No children. Never smoked. Never drank alcohol nor street drugs. This is in reference to the stubborn lady who loves the fall. I too am stubborn. October 2001 I was a 33 young lady. I got up on Sunday morning as I always do to get ready for church. Went to church that morning. Was waiting to lead the choir and I noticed my left arm felt like it weighed a ton. So I start shaking my left hand and arm and got up to lead our choir in a couple of songs. In between the first song my chest started hurting. Great big drops of sweat running all over me. But I was stubborn I went ahead and lead the last song. Was supposed to sing a special with someone and I told his daughter she was going to have to sing with him. I was sick.

Went down stairs and laid on the couch to calm down. It eased off. So I went to the nursery to set in the rocker and I felt better. Concerned people tried to take me to the hospital but I told them I was fine. I just wanted to get home and lie down for a nap. WRONG!! I was getting off the interstate 85 to go home and that stabbing pain came back so I turned back to our local hospital. The doctors told me if I would’ve went home and laid down I would’ve never woke up. Thank the Lord for second chances.

They told me I had two heart attacks. I wound up being transferred to a hospital in Greensboro North Carolina where they gave the best surgeons there. Doctors did a first heart cath and found a four inch tear in my left ascending artery. I was put in ICU and placed on a Nitroglycerin IV Drip for a whole week which the doctors hoped that this method would heal up the tear. Anybody out there knows what nitroglycerin does to you? A MAJOR AWFUL HEADACHE. I think that’s the sickest I’ve ever been … pain wise that is. Had my second heart cath done and they brought me back to my room and said that the nitro didn’t work. The artery had split another four inches. I was told I needed open heart surgery. Naturally I was upset but the night before the surgery one of my pastor friends called me and prayed for me on the phone and after that I had the biggest peace come over me. It was like the Lord’s hand just rocked me to sleep and I never had that fear again.

Anyway I have had four SCAD’s. In fact one in July 2016 two in 2015 and another one in 2014. The doctors are still stumped on why this keeps happening. They tell me not to over exert myself, no weightlifting at the gym nothing strenuous. Doctor tries to keep my BP as low as I can stand it without passing out. Cholesterol meds HCTZ meds Metoprolol meds baby aspirin Coumadin Vitamin D3 which I’m very low on Vitamin B12 which is very low too and then my Potassium is extremely low so I need 5kmg daily. Doctor said that potassium and vitamins B3 and b12 play a roll in the structure and strength from these three vitamins.

So far so good as of July 23 2016 I haven’t had anymore SCAD episodes. Just keep praying. Hope this helps anyone out there. God Bless