Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

second chance

October 29, 2016

my name is sandra, im 48 year old female in top health and weigh 80kg. i have four children an amazing grandaughter and a faboulas husband. Eight weeks ago i started having shoulder chest and arm pain, it didnt bother me at first and i just put it down to lifting boxes and over working that weekend..it slowly started to increase and the pain down the my left arm started to bother me as it was coming directly from my heart and my shoulder became inbearable..four days latter i went to the hospital and they said it was a mussel problem and not to worry about it…so off home i trotted ,,

got up at 5am the next morning and went to work..i was still very uncomfortable and in pain but just thought it would settle down..about 1 pm i get a phone call from the hospital to come in for a stress test ..off to hospital i went and got on the walker for the stress test and thats when my life changed,,it went all down hill from there and was on the operating table with in twenty minutes ,they put a stent over the bleeding and i had a hart attack on the table..i was wheeled back to my room and discharged two days latter..i went home but no improvement..i went to my doctor and he said it was my heart again so back to hospital to be monited ..off home again i go only to be told it was brusing around my heart was fine ,,what a relief i felt and with a big smile i went home…one week latter still no change..same pain in the same places but very short of breath and can not even walk to the letter box and back and get very dizzy when im standing up…

back to hospital i troot with no smile on my dile and tears rolling down my face….today im back in hospital waiting for another angiography ..will keep you all updated