Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

SCAD the unknown monster

December 3, 2018

On 14 Nov 2018 I had felt huge pressure on the front and back of my left chest with excruciating pain radiating towards left shoulder and to left arm. This was the third episode.

I was diagnosed with SCAD. On 10th Nov 2018 morning I had experienced the first episode which resolved after an hour after taking reflux med. Experinced second episode on 12th Nov midnight which did not resolve after taking antacid so headed to ED in Melbourne hospital. All blood reports and CT scan of heart and lung came normal. Was discharged with advise to take double dose of reflux med if this episode reoccurs. On third occasion nothing worked and I was taken to ED again at 2 am. After 11 am troponine and CK came positive with ekg NSTEMI. Immediately was rushed to cardiac specialist hospital to cath lab foe angio. SCAD was diagnosis. Angioplasty was performed. But I was only informed that I had undergone angiogram. I was discharged with blood thinners and GTN spray.

It had changed my life. As I was not able to perform routine house work and my beautiful husband and two grown up boys were looking after me. After one week of discharge I felt dull pain in my left chest and left shoulder. The pain did not go even after 2 sprays of GTN. So Went back to same hospital in ccu to monito for 4 days. Nothing abnormal found. So I was discharged. Now on 2nd Dec 2018 after normal walking was having rest sitting in the couch I felt dull pain and 2 sprays of GTN did not help. Arrived to same hospital via ambulance. CT heart was normal. Blood reports came normal. In the ED I was given analgesics which gave me migraines and I was also feeling drowsy. I was feeling like falling asleep which was the last thing I wanted to do as I was more scared now. The cardiologist stated heart is good, artery is healing.

So my question that why I am getting these episodes of pain are still unanswered. Still in hospital for further tests.