Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Scad survivor mother of two

June 20, 2019

July 13th 2019 I decided to go to bed without a shower due to feeling so tired that night, I fell asleep within minutes however I kept waking up due to extreme thirst I could quench my thirst I must have woke up 4-5 times that night drinking huge glasses of water. The next day July 14th I woke up brought my dog outside then came back in & took a bath a quick bath due to not feeling well, after my bath I got dressed & went to sit in the living room & I said to my boyfriend ” I feel like I’m going to throw up ” & he ran to get me a bucket then I said ” put my dog away something doesn’t feel right ” it was then that I grabbed my chest & fell to the ground & from that point on I only know what I’ve been told happened because I can’t remember any of it myself. Anyway my boyfriend ran into the bathroom & got baby chewable aspirin & told me to chew it up while he called 911 he said I was breathing really hard.

We live in town so it didn’t take long for first responders to show up once there they did a EKG & indicated I was having a heart attack they gave me nitro & headed for the hospital that was 8miles away. We barely arrived at the hospital & i went into cardiac arrest & they had to paddle me then a few min later I went into cardiac arrest again & they paddled me they got my heart beating but I was unable to breath on my own.

Due to weather conditions they could not air lift me to a bigger hospital so they took me by ambulance to st.cloud minnesota where I was on life support for 2 days, once off life support my blood pressure hit the roof it was then they decided to give me stents & they had realized that my left main artery was torn & they had to put 4 stents in. After that I felt great.

Now that I’m home I do still have chest pains & i am a bit tired some days. And I bruise like crazy from little things & the bruises get blood clots in them now.i have had to take a few nitro pills from time to time & i am a bit emotionally stressed other than that I feel great thank you