Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection


July 30, 2016

In Jan. 2015 I had left breast cancer ( grade one) operation Followed by Radiation 25 low grade doses in April-May 2015
The radiation had bad side effects & resulted in cracking and damaged ribs Rare complication At the same time I was prescribed a hormone inhibiting tablet (Anastrozole) Again having terrible side effects on my bones and general health Drug has 4% chance of you developing heart issues up to 5-10 years after cancer Stopped taking it after 3 months

On June 29th 2015 I had a SCAD heart attack. 30mm stent inserted — I was 58 years old fit and healthy. SCAD occurred while out jogging. Prescribed usual post heart medications for 3-6 months. One year later June 2016 only on aspirin and small dose of Metoprolol Other blood thinning & heart medications stopped as all heart tests came back no damage caused by SCAD. Reduced exercising due to on going rib issues Still running On no medication at all prior to cancer or SCAD. No health issues at all before 2015 My date of birth January 1957 No high blood pressure or cholesterol ever
Mother of 4 children aged 30 to 43 years old