Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Scad at 31

June 16, 2015

Im Sharon Im 31 years old and 6 months ago I went to bed n was woken around 4am in the morning with a pain in my chest that was so strange and crushing and uncomfortable I got up and fainted, my mum called an ambulance and they did a few tests an ecg and side Im fine and to go back to bed and my mum to stop worrying, I went back inside and the pain was so horrible I got a lift upto the hospital where I was helped by the receptionist and had another ecg and a doctor came, they had picked up on something so I was given morphine which didn’t take the pain away and aspirin and taken to another hospital but on the way there things got bad and I went to a more specialist hospital, once there I was wheeled straight into theatre and I had a 100% blockage STEMI and was having a heart attack and I stopped breathing and had to be shocked back to life, the doctors injected dye into my arm and found my scad and put a sent in the doctors were brilliant and I thank them for saving and fixing me and putting me at ease, I spent one week in hospital that was 6 months ago, it was very scary I never knew what scad was before this or even how a heart attack happens, hugs to all that’s been through what I did