Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

“Out of Left Field”

August 5, 2016

My story starts two weeks ago (July 20, 2016) with me running with our High School Cross Country team up in the mountains in Flagstaff Arizona. My morning run was cut short with some pain across my chest, I stopped running because I just didn’t feel right. Never did a heart attack cross mind! It eventually went away and I felt better. I ran on Tuesday and felt normal then had a great run with the girls on Wednesday. Came home had lunch and felt not only burning but pressure and stabbing, I knew something was not right!

My husband rushed me to our local Emergency clinic and then I was rushed to the hospital. Seven hours later they saved my life. My arteries dissected themselves even more while I was in surgery. I had five stents put in and now on medication for the rest of my life. Like with almost every profile I have read I too was in great shape, I am 50 years old, I eat healthy and all my blood work was perfect except I had a lower HDL than normal. I was taking bioidentical hormones not for any other reason than to optimize my hormones and feel great! Which prior, I was feeling great! The Cardiologist think, but do not know for sure that might have something to do with the dissection. I am bound and determined to find that out.

I feel great now and its only been two weeks since. I have started walking and hope to be back to running in the near future. I do still have the pings and pangs that scare me a little but after reading about others it sounds like they have them too… I am optimistic that the amazing Doctors we have in this country will continue to research and find out about this condition we have.