Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Life changes in the blink of an eye

September 9, 2020

My SCAD was on August 24. Crazy how 1 day you are walking 2-3 miles and the next day in the hospital with a heart attack. I really did all the wrong things when I experienced my chest pain because I figured it was something else and I didn’t have time to deal with that nonsense!

I had a birthday party to get ready for, so I ignored 3 separate bouts of pain, each time getting worse and lasting longer. Friday evening after work I had to get things done for the small party we had for my youngest son on Saturday so I figured it was stress and I rested for a quick minute and pushed on, Saturday morning getting ready for the party I experienced much more chest discomfort, I even pulled over in a parking lot and thought to myself I need to just go home and tell my husband I didn’t feel good, but of course I didn’t. That lasted a good hour or 2 and I felt better.

The thought of having a heart attack seemed very remote to me because how could 2 people in my husbands life within 1 week of each other both have a heart attack! My husbands brother had a massive heart attack and had quadruple bypass the week prior. There is NO way the universe is so cruel! or so I thought. This is of course 2020.

Sunday I felt fine so I figured I was good. Monday back at work at the hospital I work at in the Covid clinic I felt ok pretty much until 3pm when the chest pains really started to bother me, all I kept thinking was I can’t saying anything because they will make me to the ER and I don’t want everyone knowing my business,(I figured it would be stress, indigestion but you know what! they are going to know your business because you will have to call out sick because you had a heart attack) so instead I left at 5pm drove home and told husband to take me to another hospital 30 minutes down the road 😣, stupid, stupid, stupid!

I’m 49 years old with no high blood pressure, no cholesterol problems, no diabetes. I just had my physical on August 8 everything was fine. Thankfully my dissection was not in a major artery and not much damage was caused, very thankful. I’m on a beta blocker and baby aspirin now. Very eye opening experience.