Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

I’ve always said “I never get sick” until 1 week ago

August 10, 2013

I am a fit, slim and healthy 49 year old mother of 4. I have a great health record except for a thyroid removal in 2001. I have been experiencing hot flushes for 2 years now and I am aware that I am pre menopausal.

After returning from my daughter’s wedding overseas with an extended tropical holiday and 1 more week at home before returning to work, I was certainly well rested. I had recently started running and I had done a 1 hour long weight class on the Friday and was very slow all weekend with sore muscles. I returned to work on the Monday, went to the gym, came home, cooked dinner and rested watching TV. I felt a thud and had no pain. Ignoring my sore arms (I put that down to exercise) I went to bed but upon waking I was no better (light headed), got up went to work and then experienced dizziness. I took myself to the doctors/hospital where my bloods showed a heart attack.

I was in denial how could a healthy fit and youngish person like myself with no family history have a heart attack? The angiogram showed 2 medium tears and I have been prescribed Aspirin and Clopidogrel 75mg tablets. I have lots of questions about this condition and I am not usually one for looking up information on the internet when it comes to health problems (maybe because I have had no reason too). As it is early days for me and I am a bit paranoid, looking at other stories does give me peace of mind. As I live in New Zealand there are not to many cases and the Doctors really didn’t know how to answer my questions. I will keep researching while I recover.