Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

“It is always in the back of my mind…”

May 30, 2013

I had my SCAD episode in February whilst doing the school run and singing along to Billie Oceans ‘Red Light Spells Danger’! I am 47 years old and it was quite a shock to say the least. I live in the Scottish Borders and breed Luing Cattle so am quite fit and healthy. The hospital staff were also quite shocked that I had had a heart attack and I was soon heading up to Edinburgh to the Infirmary. Three days, 2 stents later and I was home.

What I find now is the difficulty in knowing if this may happen again or not. To give me confidence of getting on with life and not being afraid to exercise, I attend a ‘circuit’ training class run by our local hospital twice a week. My fitness and stamina are improving and my lethargy which I really suffered from in the early days seems to be going. It is always in the back of my mind if this is going to happen again but you have to go forward and get on with your life…