Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

I was severely startled by F18 airshow

July 31, 2015

My episode occurred on July 11th, 15 days ago. I went to an airshow with my husband. I really wanted to stay home and do yard work instead. But, I gave in and went with him. Just before the F18 show began I saw a friend and decided to go down and say hello. I made my way to my friend who was at the airshow with her husband and three boys. We started visiting and out of nowhere and suddenly this booming loud, deafening, Thunderous noise erupted! I was instantly scared to death with a sudden jolt to my entire body! I let out a horific scream that only I could hear because the airplane noise overpower all sounds for a moment. I instantly felt a lump in my left chest. I went back to see my husband and tried to share with him how freighted I was. I had no words to really describe my experience. Long story short, the lump feeling in my heart continued and increased, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, faint feeling. Ambulance took me to RUH, 1st blood work showed 66 tropolin, 3 hours later blood work showed 313 trops. Angiogram showed that I had SCAD in my LAD. Treatment is conservative.