Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

How my life suddenly changed

October 15, 2015

I had been experiencing a few chest pains before, however they were mild and felt like indigestion. So being a busy mum and working full time it was something I kept meaning to get checked.
I had planned a walk with my friend and as we were walking the pains started in my chest. This was at 5.30am so I hadn’t eaten for me to be suffering indigestion. Thank God for my friend insisting she take me to the hospital and get these indigestion pains checked out. ECG’s all came back good (as had a previous one I had checked a couple of weeks prior). So i was pleased with myself for getting them checked and kind of thought all was good!

Until, a doctor appeared and told me that i had suffered a cardiac issue and it had been picked up in my blood. Everything was suddenly very scary in my world and the nurses then started putting things all over me, scanning me, x-rays. It all became very dark in my world and all the silly things in life I worry about all just seemed crazy. I’m 43, i can’t be having a heart attack, I’m fit and healthy aren’t I?

An angiogram the next day picked up a SCAD. I remained in hospital for four days.
I am very blessed to have the most amazing family and friends who are helping me through this ordeal. Its early days and I need to learn to live with this artery and get any pain or “just not right” feeling monitored. I have a collection of tablets to take now and am currently off work for a few weeks. I need another scan in 6 weeks to see if the artery has healed or if I need a stent inserted. Either way i am being looked after!

Glad I am here to share my story and have to say now- don’t leave things to get them checked! Us mums are important too.