Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

heartburn and scad

August 22, 2021

On Monday I sensed something was different. I felt a bit flushed and it felt like my blood pressure was high. I had an appt scheduled with a sports doctor that Wed and thought I would have my bp checked when there. Well, they didn’t check my bp and it wasn’t at the top of my mind, so I figured I would probably be fine. On Thursday afternoon I started to feel some heartburn/indigestion and thought…I should really get my bp checked.

On Friday morning the heart burn was still there. I went and had my bp checked by a nurse and she said it was quite high. They advised me to go to the hospital right away. I did. The ekg was fine, I wasn’t in distress, but when my blood work got tested my troponin levels were at the heart attack level. I was told I was having a heart attack! Off I went to the cardiac unit. I had to wait over the weekend to have a cardiac catheter procedure (the hospital does not do them on weekends) and once completed it was determined to be a SCAD heart attack. My coronary arteries were quite clean otherwise!

They then took some CTscans and they determined that I have FMD in the artery leading into my kidneys. I went home the next day and was told not to do anything strenuous etc…. It has been about 6 months and I am doing alright. I take bp medicine, baby aspirin and a beta blocker. I still get heartburn every once in a while, which makes me a bit wary, but I check my bp and pulse regularly and it is in a good range. Does anyone else have issues with heartburn?