Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

healing miracle

August 19, 2018

On Tuesday 8/14/18 i felt chest pressure beneath my left breast. It was deep, unlike anything I had ever felt. EMT determined my BP was not elevated and they didn’t think I was experiencing a heart attack. They took me to the ER. They ruled out a blood clot, and troponin level was .04
I was retested a few hrs later and it had elevated substantially. The initial EKG was indicating that there was an electrical problem. I was admitted to the hospital. My blood pressure continued to elevate despite medication drips. Chest pain/pressure persisted. I was transferred to a University Hospital in NJ. My echo cardiogram indicated low blood flow to the Left Ventricle. immediately before getting wheeled into the catheter lab the pressure subsided. I had a cardiac catheiterization with die. The doctor was surprised to find that the dissection had healed itself. The area where the dissection occured was too small to use a stent. Good thing none was needed. I was released from the hospital on 8/16/18. It is my belief that my prayers from 8/14/18 were answered with spontaneous healing immediately before my procedure..