Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection


March 17, 2017

I experienced my S.C.A.D. one month ago today on February the 17th. … a 75 year old fit, active and athletic woman, on the way to the pool with my husband for our three- times -a- week aqua class!
We were only two minutes from the local hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada. Within the shortest amount of time the E.R. physician there diagnosed a heart attack and had me transferred to the hospital, downtown – one of the leading hospitals in the country for matters of the heart. How fortunate I was to have a team WAITING FOR ME in the catheter Lab! My angioplasty was totally successful….no stents….no heart damage!

But now I am in that ‘after the event’ fog., trying to adjust to meds which I know to be the general formula for all heart attack survivors. BUT are they right for us? My great G.P. is trying to get the balance right…I am waking up in the middle of the night ‘sensing’ my artery trying to crazy-glue itself back together. I am alternately glad to be alive, and dreading a recurrence!

My lovely husband is 82. He has been in declining health, and it is me that is usually looking after him. Now I am worrying about him worrying about me, and he is very tired after this first stressful month., and stress is not what either of us needs right now.

I realize that I need to talk to fellow S.C.A.D.ers , especially about the meds. and how to trust my heart again!

I am feeling rather lost, and definitely frightened, although I am trying to put on a brave ”I survived this’ face!

If anyone has anything to share I would love to hear from you.