Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Dinner to remember

May 29, 2018

I had gone out for dinner with my family after a day of shopping. Just as our food came I started feeling sick and had pains im my armpits. I felt like my chest was open. I went to the toilet and started vomiting. The restaurant staff sat me in the hallway with a bucket. Very embarrasing. I felt worse and worse so an ambulance was called. They did all the usual checks and nothing showed. I was given nitrospray and it helped a little. Because of this the paramedics decided to take me to A&E. Once there I was given an e.c.g and pain meds. I felt a bit better. My husband and daughter were keeping me company.

All of a sudden I went into full cardiac arrest. I was very lucky. They managed to start my heart and I was rushed to the cath lab. There they found a dissection of my LAD. It was stented but unfortunately left a lot of damage. I was later told Id had a widowmaker. I was very lucky to survive. Im now 1 yr post SCAD. I have angina most days and Im waiting for more tests for fmd and to look at some unusual arteries in the left side if my heart.

I get very tired from all my meds but consider myself lucky to have survived