Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Blessed Beyond Measures

March 13, 2017

Hello, my name is Martha , I am a 30 year old mother of five beautiful babies ages 1 -14 ….. The day started like any other day I felt normal and didn’t feel nothing different until after dinner. I sat down on the couch and within five minutes I started to feel a warmth sensation from my neck to my shoulders into my neck . I have a panic disorder so i thought that I was having a panic attack. I get up to go to my front door to get some fresh air and then the pressure in my chest began, as if some one started to crush me, I then knew something more was wrong so I hollered at my boyfriend to call 911 !! I was scared to death while waiting I began to sweat a lot and vomited.

The ambulance arrived they did an ekg and she said we gotta go now , on the ride to the Hospital (60 miles away) the EMT gave me nitro 3 different times. In the hospital they did another EKG and it verified I was having a heart attack !! They then prepped me for the cath lab. 1 week later I was awaken by a nurse in ICU . I was told I had a triple bypass and that I had two dissected arteries , that I also had an allergic reaction to Hephrine and that my liver and kidneys had shut down. My ammonia levels was 666 when it should have only been 36 at max. I had two rounds of dialysis. I was on the vented two different times. 1 week after that I finally got to come home!

My Cardiologist said I only have 25% heart function and I am in congestive heart failure, that if my heart doesn’t improve I will have a difibulator put in and be put on a heart transplant list. I am 7 weeks post op, and I know God had his hand on me through this whole ordeal and he blessed me that day….. I am scared of the unknown and it it isn’t even for my sake, it is for my kids that I want to live!!

It truly makes you realize that small things matter so much things we take for granted each and everyday.God Bless each of you!!