Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

9-1-1 Workout

May 1, 2013

I had a SCAD event on 8/4/2012!  I was at the gym in Toledo, OH when it occurred.  I was doing a circuit (moderate) which included an exercise called Renegade Plank.  You are in plank position and alternate 5# weights during a 1 minute period.  I was really determined to complete this set as I was trying to lose some weight!  I realized that I was short of breath and really sweating.  I stopped to rest and wow I was really winded.  I was weak but got to the ladies bathroom to get myself a drink of water and splash some water on my face then went back to my workout mat.

I couldn’t seem to recover but still no signs of anything like heart attack.  I saw another gal but I couldn’t project my voice to get her attention so I reached for my cell and called my husband at home.  I was lucky to reach him as he was preparing to jump in the shower.  I told him I wasn’t feeling very well and could he maybe come get me.  He did and the attendant at the front desk told him he wasn’t allowed in the Ladies Only Area.  He said too bad; he received a distress call from me and he was going back to where I was.  The attendant said they hadn’t heard about anything, but okay, she’d come back with him.

Once they  arrived, the attendant asked me how I was and should she call 9-1-1. I said I was just over-exerted (remember when you were a child and you’d run really hard…well that’s how I felt…that kind of out breath!)  My husband said my color looked terrible so they called…I was blessed…I was sent to ProMedica – St Lukes in Maumee, OH, and they already had team in the Cath lab waiting for me. Dr. Letcher (cardiologist) was on staff…they did the heart cath and inserted 5 stents…this was on my right coronary artery. The team was familiar with SCAD!  God Bless them!

I’m still in denial this happened!  I never had any type of symptom.  Today however I do feel some twinges in my chest and I’m always questioning if it’s normal.  I’m  learning to slow down and not try to “get it all done” as I have done in the past.  I don’t recognize stress which I’m now paying attention to and trying to calm myself from!

I would be happy to participate in research and interested in what is being found out.