Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

68 year old with 1st ( hopefully) last SCAD

July 10, 2020

I travel monthly to visit and offer child care for my now 4 year old granddaughter.
I travel by air and have had 2 knee replacements,so am aware of moving my legs during the flight.
The trip I returned home from in March was at the start of COVID-19 awareness.
My trip to help out with my granddaughter was a bit stressful and I experienced constipation for about the first time ever.
While waiting to catch my plane, I used the bathroom and in a rush to catch my plane pushed out Bm in a forceful almost like giving birth way.
The next am I was awakened with chest pain, pain in my arm and an incredible sense of doom.
I thought I had an embolism from air travel…took an aspirin, woke my husband went to an ER. In the ER blood work and EKG indicated potential heart attack.
I was sent to a larger hospital with a catheter lab.
I was diagnosed with scad – having no other risk factors (except hypertension when I first go to a physical) or if I am frustrated and holding in my feelings.
I am now on five medications for a year!
Meditating, improving my already excellent diet and walking five miles plus a day.
I just got an electric motorized bike – love biking – And am looking forward to adding biking.
I stress less and remain hopeful this was a one time event.
I see a cardiologist who is committed to learning about scad and I have applied to be in the Mayo study.
I follow scad support groups and am diligent about self care. Finally.