Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

3 SCAD Heart attacks

March 28, 2020

I had my first SCAD heart attack at age 47, four years later I had my second and four years after that – 2 weeks ago I had my 3rd heart attack.
Each heart attack involved a different artery, each resolved itself, each required a transradial Catheterization. The last cath I had they actually saw the SCAD. None of the heart attacks caused damage to my heart. Typically, I have classic heart attack symptoms that come and go and typically, I go to the hospital after the 2nd wave of pain. This last time, I had the major heart attack in the hospital waiting to be discharged. So glad I went when I had the first pains.

The only treatment is antiblood clotting drugs in the hospital and then blood thinners and beta blockers at home, with Nitro handy, I am told. Hopefully, I will not have another in 4 years. Any information on how to prevent further heart attacks would be so helpful, I am only 55.